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Alani Character.png
Character Info
Name Alani
Faction Eldrid
File:Unknown.svg File:Unknown.svg File:Unknown.svg
? ? ?
Normal 1 Alani normal ability 1.png Wellspring
Normal 2 Alani normal ability 2.png Torrent
Ability 1 Alani ability 1.png Riptide
Ability 2 Alani ability 2.png Geyser
Ability 3 Alani ability 3.png Emergence
Ability 4 Alani ability 4.png Osmosis

Alani is one of the Eldrid Heroes in Battleborn.


Raised as a healer, but forced to be a warrior, Alani is all that remains of her order after Rendain’s Imperium stole the oceans from her world. Through meditation, intense focus, and warranty-breaking misuse of water-soluble nanotech, she can summon tidal waves with the flick of a finger.


Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
Alani normal ability 1.png
Wellspring Envelops a single friendly target in water, healing them. If untargeted, Wellspring heals Alani for half the amount. Heal amount is increased by Osmosis stacks.
Alani normal ability 2.png
Torrent Alani hurls water bolts using Ket, her order's martial art. Successful hits increase stacks of Osmosis.
Alani ability 1.png
Riptide Hurls a wave that deals damage, pushes away enemies, and leaves a trail of water that hastens allies. Riptide’s trail of water lasts for several seconds.
Alani ability 2.png
Geyser Alani causes a groundswell to erupt at a targeted location, knocking enemies into the air, dealing damage, and binding them.
Alani ability 3.png
Emergence Marks a target enemy or location, summoning a water dragon that deals damage to enemies caught in its wake.
Alani ability 4.png
Osmosis Successful hits with Torrent hone Alani's connection to the water, generating up to 3 Osmosis stacks and increasing the healing power of Wellspring.

Helix System Progression

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Soothing Mist
Riptide’s pools heal friendly targets over time.
Level 1 Splash Zone
Nearby allies are healed when Geyser erupts.
Torrent projectiles bounce between enemies bound by Geyser.
Level 2 Surface Tension
One target hit by Geyser will take additional damage, and all damage to that target deals damage to nearby enemies.
Increases the attack speed of Torrent.
Level 3 Go with the Flow
Torrent reduces the cooldowns of all skills on every hit.
Wet Blanket
Riptide slows enemies that are hit by it.
Level 4 Ride the Wave
Alani rides her Riptide wave, launching her forward along its path.
Karakafruit Express
Obtaining an Osmosis stack temporarily increases Alani’s Torrent damage.
Level 5 Full Saturation
Healing with maximum Osmosis stacks reduces the amount of damage the target takes.
Geyser generates one stack of Osmosis per enemy knocked into the air.
Level 6 Refresher
Moving through Riptide pools generate Osmosis over time.
Pressure Wash
Torrent projectiles travel farther and generate Osmosis stacks faster.
Level 7 Overflow
Increases the minimum healing amount from Wellspring.
Reduces Geyser’s eruption time.
Level 8 Ol' Trustworthy
Increases Geyser’s area of effect.
Stagnant Pools
Increases the duration of Riptide’s trail of water.
Level 9 Water Proof
Increases the distance Riptide travels.
Standing in the Emergence whirlpool slows enemies greatly.
Level 10 Deepsong
The Emergence whirlpool heals allies.

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