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Ambra Hero.png
Character Info
Name Ambra
Faction Jennerit Imperium
Versatile.svg Healer.svg Complex.svg
Versatile Healer Complex
Normal 1 Ambra normal ability 1.png Staff of Radiance
Normal 2 Ambra normal ability 2.png Scorching Strikes
Ability 1 Ambra ability 1.png Sunspot
Ability 2 Ambra ability 2.png Solar Wind
Ability 3 Ambra ability 3.png Extinction Event
Ability 4 Ambra ability 4.png Flame Shield

Ambra is one of the Jennerit Heroes in Battleborn.


Ambra long served within the Jennerit Silent Sisters - priestesses who weaved secrets of the stars into prolonged life called "Sustainment". Betrayed by Rendain, Ambra now fights with the Battleborn, healing her allies and devastating foes with localized solar anomalies.


Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
Ambra normal ability 1.png
Staff of Radiance Ambra's Staff of Radiance drains health from a targeted enemy, returning 30% of the damage dealt to herself.
Ambra normal ability 2.png
Scorching Strikes Ambra unleashes a series of melee strikes, spending Heat generated by her staff to do up to 38 extra damage per hit.
Ambra ability 1.png
Sunspot Summon a Sunspot that detonates on touch, healing allies and damaging enemies. Up to 3 active at once.
Ambra ability 2.png
Solar Wind Channel a fiery wind that damages and knocks back enemies in front of you. Solar Wind lasts up to 3 seconds, doing 84 damage per second.
Ambra ability 3.png
Extinction Event Calls down a meteor at a targeted location, after a short while it crashes into the earth, dealing 450 damage and leaving a scorching area of effect, dealing 300 damage over 5 seconds.
Ambra ability 4.png
Flame Shield When Ambra is afflicted with a status effect, she is protected by a Flame Shield for 4 seconds that provides damage reduction. 30 second Cooldown.

Helix System Progression

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Enemies linked to a Sunspot take increased damage from other sources. This effect stacks across Sunspots. +10% Damage
Level 1 Searing Wind
Solar Wind deals more damage and heals more the closer Ambra is to her target. Up to +100% damage
Solar Burst
Sunspots explode with a damaging area of effect when triggered by nearby enemies.
Level 2 Soothing Sunlight
Sunspots provide healing over time to nearby allies within a short distance. +10 Health Regeneration per second
Blood Drive
Increases the amount of life stolen from enemies through Ambra's Ceremonial Gauntlet. +20% Life Steal
Level 3 Ceremonial Sacrifice
Ambra's Ceremonial Gauntlet can be used to transfer health to a targeted ally at the cost of her own life force. Health cost is +30% of healing done.
Radiant Gale
Upon activation of Solar Wind, nearby enemies directly in front of Ambra are knocked up.
Level 4 Searing Wind
Replaces Solar Wind's wind with two repulsive bursts around her, knocking back all enemies in range
Ambra's health regenerates while Flame Shield is active. +50 health regeneration per second
Level 5 Flame Burst
Ambra’s Flame Shield explodes on expiry, damaging nearby enemies. +67 Damage
Agile Anomaly
Sunspots apear instantaneously when casted.
Level 6 Solar Storm
Decreases Solar Wind’s cooldown time. -20% Cooldown Time
Radiant Spear
Transforms Ambra's staff into a spear, increasing its range.
Level 7 Flame Staff
Adds an AoE flame burst to the final strike of Ambra's primary melee combo
Bask In The Light
Enemies damaged by Sunspot are slowed. +30% Slow
Level 8 Fan The Flames
Allies consuming Sunspot are hasted. +30% Movement Speed
Howling Wind
Increases Solar Wind’s area of effect. +40% Area-of-Effect Radius
Level 9 Sweltering Wind
Increases Solar Wind’s damage. +15% Damage
On impact, Extinction Event knocks back nearby enemies.
Level 10 World's End
Extinction Event’s smoldering remains last longer. +180 Damage over 3 seconds

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