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Beatrix Character.png
Character Info
Name Beatrix
Faction Jennerit
File:Unknown.svg File:Unknown.svg File:Unknown.svg
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Normal 1 Beatrix normal ability 1.png Infection
Normal 2 Beatrix normal ability 2.png Incistyx Injector
Ability 1 Beatrix ability 1.png Synthetic Ceramic Bio-Casing
Ability 2 Beatrix ability 2.png Patient Zero
Ability 3 Beatrix ability 3.png Fulminate
Ability 4 Beatrix ability 4.png Outbreak

Beatrix is one of the Jennerit Heroes in Battleborn.


Precise, deadly, and obsessively hygienic, Beatrix wields a massive syringe arm to spread debilitating debuffs and disease. A master at manipulating life, her prowess for science combined with her Jennerit ruthlessness makes her one extremely qualified, and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS physician.


Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
Beatrix normal ability 1.png
Infection Infection wounds enemies, and deals damage for longer if scoped.
Beatrix normal ability 2.png
Incistyx Injector The viral agent in the Injector’s phial applies Infection to enemies. Scoped shots deal additional damage.
Beatrix ability 1.png
Synthetic Ceramic Bio-Casing Beatrix replaced her fragile integumentary system long ago with a hardened casing and a suite of prosthetics resistant to toxins and physical trauma alike.
Beatrix ability 2.png
Patient Zero Increases Beatrix’s or a targeted ally’s attack speed while enemies take damage.
Beatrix ability 3.png
Fulminate Beatrix fires a rapid barrage of homing projectiles that each deal damage and weaken enemies, reducing attack damage.
Beatrix ability 4.png
Outbreak Plagues a target for several seconds, dealing damage, wounding the enemy, and reducing healing received. These effects are spread among nearby enemies

Helix Progression

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Vector-Born Transmission
Allies affected by Patient Zero now spread Infection to enemies that attack them.
Level 1 Sedation
Enemies hit by Fulminate projectiles will now be silenced.
Leech Therapy
Allies affected by Patient Zero steal life on any attack.
Level 2 Host Immunity
Allies affected by Patient Zero take reduced damage.
Beatrix uses her Injector to melee targets, increasing her damage and stealing life from her targets.
Level 3 Physician's Eye
Enhances Beatrix’s optical implant with modular magnification, increasing maximum zoom distance.
Prescription Affliction
Activating Fulminate instantly refills Beatrix’s Injector.
Level 4 Vitality Chirality
Activating Fulminate sprays an aerosol solution around Beatrix, slowing nearby enemies and speeding up nearby allies.
Plague Rat
Infection deals damage to all enemies near the affected target.
Level 5 Immunosuppression
Enemies affected by Infection take increased melee damage.
Fast Acting
Reduces Patient Zero’s cooldown time, allowing more frequent use
Level 6 Long-Lasting
Reduces Fulminate’s cooldown time, allowing more frequent use.
[[Phial Compression]
Increases Beatrix’s Incistyx Injector ammo capacity.
Level 7 Anticoagulant
The Incistyx Injector syphons a portion of damage dealt, restoring Beatrix’s health with each shot.
Lingering Side Effects
Increases the duration of Patient Zero.
Level 8 Self-Medicated
When targeting an ally, Patient Zero also applies to Beatrix.
Killing an enemy with Fulminate lowers the cooldown time of Outbreak.
Level 9 Infinite Sadness
Increases the damage of Fulminate.
Toxic Hypoxia
The main target of Outbreak is marked for death. If the target is killed while Outbreak is active then all enemies in the area are stunned.
Level 10 Synnecrotic Antibiotics
While a target is affected by Outbreak, a portion of damage dealt to the target is dealt to nearby enemies. Outbreak no longer deals damage over time.