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Benedict Hero.png
Character Info
Name Benedict
Faction United Peacekeeping Republics
Agile.svg Pusher.svg Advanced.svg
Agile Pusher Advanced
Normal 1 Benedict normal ability 1.png UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher
Normal 2 Benedict normal ability 2.png Aviant Exosuit
Ability 1 Benedict ability 1.png Hawkeye
Ability 2 Benedict ability 2.png Liftoff
Ability 3 Benedict ability 3.png Boomsday
Ability 4 Benedict ability 4.png Flyboy

Benedict is one of the Peace Keepers Heroes in Battleborn.


Brash and arrogant Benedict loves three things: himself, rockets, and himself. Though his left wing was crippled during the evacuation of his homeworld, Benedict is still capable of limited flight, raining down rockets from a high vantage point.


Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
Benedict normal ability 1.png
UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher Benedict's trademark rocket launcher deals heavy damage in a wide explosive radius.
Benedict normal ability 2.png
Aviant Exosuit Benedict's battle armor, heavily augmentable to support combat mobility and damage output.
Benedict ability 1.png
Hawkeye Fires a rocket that deals 187 damage and targets your enemy for 3 seconds. Subsequent rockets home in on targeted enemies.
Benedict ability 2.png
Liftoff Launch Benedict skyward for a strategic advantage or a hasty withdrawal from combat.
Benedict ability 3.png
Boomsday Launches a player-guided missile that deals 750 damage. Reactivating the skill in-flight triggers early detonation.
Benedict ability 4.png
Flyboy Jump again in the air to double-jump. Hold the jump button to glide for a limited time.

Helix System Progression

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Evasive Pattern Benedict
Liftoff now launches up and backwards.
Level 1 Persistent Projectiles
Hawkeye’s target effect lasts longer. +1 Second Homing Duration
Make Some Room
On activation, Liftoff pushes nearby enemies away.
Level 2 Wind Chill
On activation, Liftoff slows nearby enemies. +1 Second Slow
Ready Rockets
Increases Rocket Launcher reload speed. -43% Reload Time
Level 3 Speedy Delivery
Increases rocket propulsion speed. +25% Rocket Speed
Rapid Reload
Activating Hawkeye instantly reloads Benedict’s Rocket Launcher.
Level 4 A Murder Of Rockets
Hawkeye now launches three rockets in rapid succession. +2 Rockets
Grants a second air jump.
Level 5 Tailwind
Increases Benedict’s in-air gliding speed. +25% Flight Speed
On activation, Liftoff damages nearby enemies. +133 Damage
Level 6 Heavy Bombardment
Homing Rockets deal increased damage to enemies. +20% Damage
Danger Zone
Increases Rocket Launcher’s area of effect. +45% Blast Radius
Level 7 Surgical Strike
Increases Rocket Launcher damage while reducing its area of effect. +18% Damage
Frequent Flyer
Reduces Liftoff cooldown, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time
Level 8 First Class
Shields begin to recharge immediately after activating Liftoff.
Less Talk, More Hawk
Reduces Hawkeye’s cooldown. -25% Cooldown Time
Level 9 Party Starter
Increases Hawkeye rocket damage. +15% Damage
Increases Boomsday’s explosion radius. +100% Blast Radius
Level 10 Rockets Launchin' Rockets
While Boomsday’s guided missile is in flight, reactivating the skill fires smaller rockets.

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