El Dragón

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El Dragón
El Dragon Hero.png
Character Info
Name El Dragón
Faction Last Light Consortium
Agile.svg Skirmisher.svg Easy.svg
Agile Skirmisher Easy
Normal 1 El Dragon normal ability 1.png Closeline
Normal 2 El Dragon normal ability 2.png Dragon Splash
Ability 1 El Dragon ability 1.png En Fuego
Ability 2 El Dragon ability 1.png Undisputed Champ
Ability 3 El Dragon ability 1.png M-RBX Cybernetic Arms
Ability 4 El Dragon ability 1.png CWF Championship Belt

El Dragón is one of the L.L.C. Heroes in Battleborn.


The champion luchador, El Dragón, who lost both his arms in his last big match against a rogue AI. Literally. As in a robot ripped both of his arms off during the Holo-Championship match. Rebuilt – and cybernetically re-armed – he’s more dangerous than ever before.


Helix System Progression

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