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In Battleborn there's 5 different Factions, having found out that they're not each other's worst enemy as the actual Enemy is out there, divesting and hidden in the darkness, behind the consuming of the light from the stars, and is now threatening Solace itself.

Among the factions, the Battleborn, the Heroes have emerged, who are willing to set aside the differences to bring the fight to the dark to save the universe. Below is a list of the current Factions.

List Of Factions

United Peacekeeping Republics Eldrid Jennerit Imperium Last Light Consortium Rogues
United Peacekeeping Republics.png
Jennerit Imperium.png
Last Light Consortium.png
BenedictGalileaGhaltMontanaOscar MikeUnited Peacekeeping RepublicsUPC Heroes.png
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ThornMikoMellkaBoldurKelvinEldridEldrid Heroes.png
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AmbraAttikusCaldariusDeandeRathJennerit ImperiumJennerit Heroes.png
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PhoebeMarquisEl DragónISICKleeseLast Light ConsortiumLLC Heroes.png
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OrendiReynaShayne & AuroxTobyWhiskey FoxtrotRoguesRogues Heroes.png
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The above images are mapped to the Heroes, click on any of them you wish to check out more information on the given hero.

Current List of Hero + Factions

Faction Icon Heroes Hero Class Faction Info
United Peacekeeping Republics.png
Oscar Mike Peacekeeper Attacker A collection of civilizations banded together under the banner of mutual protection, freedom, and equality, the nomadic UPR (United Peacekeeping Republics) – like the other factions – now find themselves in Solus with no home to call their own. Though recently crippled by the secession of one of their strongest constituents, the Last Light Consortium, the UPR remains nonetheless committed to their idealistic sense of justice.
Montana Peacekeeper Defender
Benedict Peacekeeper Attacker
Ghalt Peacekeeper Attacker
Galilea Peacekeeper Defender
Miko Eldrid Supporter A naturalistic order of observers and scientists, charged with the stewardship of the natural order of the cosmos. Long ago, the reach of the legendary Eldrid spanned entire galaxies -- but as the stars themselves have faded into darkness, so too has the might of this ancient faction. As all eyes turn to Solus, what remains of the Eldrid are grappling with their place in a darkening universe as they rally in defense of the Last Star.
Thorn Eldrid Attacker
Boldur Eldrid Defender
Mellka Eldrid Attacker
Kelvin Eldrid Defender
Alani Eldrid
Jennerit Imperium.png
Rath Jennerit Attacker The mighty Jennerit Imperium once led the fight against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions to save the stars from the void. But in a desperate turn to spare his people from the darkness, the warlord Lothar Rendain staged a coup to seize control of the Imperium, and aligned its destiny with that of the Varelsi. Though the Jennerit have lost much in their struggle, they remain one of the strongest military forces in Solus.
Caldarius Jennerit Attacker
Ambra Jennerit Supporter
Deande Jennerit Attacker
Attikus Jennerit Defender
Last Light Consortium.png
Marquis LLC Attacker The mostly-cybernetic LLC (Last Light Consortium) is the greatest economic power left in the universe, defined by a relentless pursuit of profit, no matter the cost. Once a constituent body of the United Peacekeeping Republics, the LLC abandoned the coalition when it became clear that principles and purpose did little to contribute to the bottom line. Owns and operates Minion Robotics, the largest weapons manufacturer still standing.
Pheobe LLC Attacker
ISIC LLC Defender
Kleese LLC Supporter
El Dragón LLC Defender
Reyna Rogue Supporter The unaffiliated free peoples of Solus, colloquially known as the Rogues: misfits, renegades, and survivalists answering to no one. The Rogues make their home in the Detritus Rings, far from the squabbling of the other factions – but they too will have a part to play in determining the fate of the Last Star.
Orendi Rogue Attacker
Toby Rogue Defender
Whiskey Foxtrot Rogue Attacker
Shayne & Aurox Rogue Defender