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The Basics on Game Mechanics in Battleborn. Check out additional Guides for more information on the basics of Battleborn.

General Game Mechanics

  • Each "tick" of health represents 200hp. This applies to Heroes, Minions, and Structures.
  • Every Hero gains 65 hp/level, Kleese also gains 15 shield/level.
  • Weapon damage and skill damage scale at roughly 4%/level. This bonus is additive.
  • Critical damage is 1.5x against players for all weapons. Critical damage is 3x against Minions. Minions can't be crit'ed when having an overshield.
  • Critical damage Gear multiplies your crit modifier. IE 10% critical damage makes your critical multiplier 1.65 not 1.6.
  • Gear modifies your current stats not your level 1 stats. Gear is multiplicative with itself. IE 2 10% attack damage pieces give 21% more damage not 20%.
  • Structures and Minions do not scale in strength as the game goes on.