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Kleese Hero.png
Character Info
Name Kleese
Faction Last Light Consortium
Territorial.svg Shielder.svg Complex.svg
Territorial Shielder Complex
Normal 1 Kleese normal ability 1.png Energy Rift
Normal 2 Kleese normal ability 2.png Energy Mortar
Ability 1 Kleese ability 1.png Black Hole
Ability 2 Kleese ability 1.png Tactical Battle Chair
Ability 3 Kleese ability 1.png Wrist Cannon and Shock Taser
Ability 4 Kleese ability 1.png Battlefield Tactician

Kleese is one of the L.L.C. Heroes in Battleborn. The cantankerous Kleese, former director of Minion Robotics, hates getting his hands dirty – or getting out of his chair – to waste his time on some inferior being. So, of course he’s going to design a hardened piece of plush, high-end "combat furniture" when he’s forced to fight.


Following his dismissal as director of Minion Robotics, the cantankerous Kleese now serves as Nova's chief science officer and mad-scientist-in-residence. Abhors away missions but relishes opportunities to test his tech, such as his "Battle Throne".


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