Loot Packs

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Pick up loot packs in various missions as well as random drops from bosses.

Gear up your Battleborn by opening loot packs! Pick up Loot Packs in Story Missions or purchase them using Icon Credits.png Credits earned by playing Story Missions or Competitive Multiplayer matches. The contents of a loot pack is random and unique to each player, but when one player picks up a loot pack, each party member gets one as well – so no need to fight your team over them!

Loot Packs

  • Common Loot Pack
  • Uncommon Loot Pack
  • Rare Loot Pack.png Rare Loot Pack
  • Epic Loot Pack.png Epic Loot Pack

Faction Loot Packs

  • Jennerit Loot Pack
  • Eldrid Loot Pack
  • Peacekeeper Loot Pack
  • LLC Loot Pack
  • Rogue Loot Pack