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The Minons are one of the unit types in Battleborn.

Minon Experience Information

  • Using support Abilities on an ally gives you assist credit for any XP they might gain.
  • Minion XP has a tagging mechanic. If you have damaged a minion within a few seconds of its death you will get Icon Character Rank XP.png Character Experience.
  • Icon Character Rank XP.png XP from minions increases with each wave, however XP from building and destroying Structures is static.
  • Turrets give kill XP but not assist XP to the last person to upgrade it.
  • Assist XP for minion kills works roughly the same as assist XP for player kills which is detailed in the Player Kill XP page .
  • Meltdown minion XP is increased for the losing team based on how much they are losing by.