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Character Info
Name: Orendi
Faction: Rouge
Health: Stat bar on.pngStat bar off.pngStat bar off.pngStat bar off.pngStat bar off.png
Power: Stat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.png
Range: Stat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar off.pngStat bar off.png
Speed: Stat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.pngStat bar on.png
Normal 1: no pic Chaos magic
Normal 2: no pic Chaos Bolts
Ability 1: no pic Nullify
Ability 2: no pic Shadowfire Pillar
Ability 3: no pic Paradigm Shift
Ability 4: no pic Gnosis

no pic Orendi is one of the Rouge Heroes in Battleborn.


Orendi Unhinged, un predictable, and feared even by members of her own faction, Orendi channels bursts of chaotic energy to ravage her opponents at incredible speed, and seeks to test herself against the greatest challenges Solus has to offer.


Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
no pic Chaos Magic Orendi's abilities can be augmented to increase damage, add status effects, or drastically reduce cooldown timers.
no pic Chaos Bolts Orendi's primary attack launches a rapid-fire volley of chaos bolts. Her slower secondary attack fires four bolts simultaneously.
no pic Nullify Unleashes a burst of energy that deals 67 damage and propels Orendi backwards from the blast.
no pic Shadowfire Pillar after 1.5 seconds, summons a mighty pillar of shadow and flame at targeted location, dealing 300 damage.
no pic Paradigm Shifr Conjures an intense blast of energy directly in front of Orendi, dealing 500 damage to enemies caught in the blast
no pic Gnosis Activating Nullify lowers the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar by 8 seconds

Helix System Progression

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Fire Walk With Me
Nullify's propulsive burst produces a trail of fire on the ground. +150 Damage over 5 seconds
Level 1 Burned And Busted
Shadowfire Pillar reveals all stealthed enemies in the area.
Adds a knockback effect to Nullify.
Level 2 I Hate Your Pretty Eyes
Adds a blind effect to Nullify
Let's Bounce
Nullify now moves Orendi in the direction she is moving
Level 3 Oh that Reminds Me
Orendi Immediately begins recharging shields after using Nullify
Preamble of Pain
Shadowfire Pillar deals damage over time to nearby enemies before detonation. +90 Damage over 1.5 seconds
Level 4 Power Pillar
For 5 seconds after using Shadowfire Pillar, Orendi may cast a second Shadowfire Pillar dealing half as much damage.
Using Nullify now reduces the cooldown of Shadowfire Pillar even more. -12s Cooldown Time
Level 5 Prognosticombo
Activating Shadowfire Pillar reduces Nullify's cooldown. This won't work with the Power Pillar augment. -5s Cooldown Time
Increases Nullify's base damage. +15% Damage
Level 6 Shadowfury
Increases Shadowfire Pillar's base damage. +15% Damage
Force of Will
Increases the damage of all skills. +15% Damage
Level 7 Essence Theft
All skills heal Orendi for a portion of the damage dealt. +20% Lifesteal
Rapid Deterioration
Decreases Nullify's cooldown time. -20% Cooldown Reduction
Level 8 I Hate your Pretty Shields
Nullify damage penetrates enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration
Shadowfire Storm
Decreases Shadowfire Pillar's cooldown time. 20% Cooldown Reduction
Level 9 Still Hating your Shields
Shadowfire Pillar penetrates enemy shields. +60% Shield Penetration
Thought Rejection
Adds a knockback effect to Paradigm Shift.
Level 10 Reign of Chaos
Activating Paradigm Shift instantly resets Shadowfire Pillar's cooldown.