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| image = [[File:Pendles_Character.png|300px]]
| image = [[File:Pendles_Character.png|300px]]
| heroname = Pendles
| heroname = Pendles
| faction = [[Rouge]]
| faction = [[Rogue]]
| characteristic1 = [[File:Unknown.svg|40px|link=Unknown]]
| characteristic1 = [[File:Unknown.svg|40px|link=Unknown]]
| characteristic2 = [[File:Unknown.svg|40px|link=Unknown]]
| characteristic2 = [[File:Unknown.svg|40px|link=Unknown]]
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[[Pendles]] is one of the [[Rouge]] [[Heroes]] in [[Battleborn]].
[[Pendles]] is one of the [[Rogue]] [[Heroes]] in [[Battleborn]].

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Pendles Character.png
Character Info
Name Pendles
Faction Rogue
40px 40px 40px
? ? ?
Normal 1 Pendles normal ability 1.png Corner Sneak
Normal 2 Pendles normal ability 2.png Dual Kamas and Throwing Stars
Ability 1 Pendles-ability 1.png Snake-Born
Ability 2 Pendles-ability 2.png Smoke Bomb
Ability 3 Pendles-ability 3.png Injection
Ability 4 Pendles-ability 4.png Miasma

Pendles is one of the Rogue Heroes in Battleborn.



Ability Icon Ability Name Ability Info
Pendles normal ability 1.png
Corner Sneak Pendles’ cloak activates when out of line-of-sight of enemies. Pendles’ movement speed increases while cloaked, but decreases while uncloaked
Pendles normal ability 2.png
Dual Kamas and Throwing Stars Pendles’ primary attack utilizes his Dual Kamas in a flurry of strikes, while his secondary attack hurls a ranged Throwing Star.
Pendles-ability 1.png
Snake-Born Pendles’ natural evasive abilities grant him -25% CC Duration.
Pendles-ability 2.png
Smoke Bomb Pendles throws a Smoke Bomb at his feet, dealing initial damage and more over time. In addition, it instantly cloaks him
Pendles-ability 3.png
Injection Pendles applies poison to his kamas and viciously strikes enemies dealing damage and slowing the target.
Pendles-ability 4.png
Miasma Pendles covers himself in an airborne poison that deals damage over time. While Miasma is active, Injection’s cooldown is reduced.

Helix Progression

Helix Name Helix Level Helix Name
Poison Cloud
Increases the duration of Smoke Bomb’s poison cloud.
Level 1 Cobra Strike
Pendles will dash forward a short distance upon activation of Injection.
Flash Bomb
Enemies hit by Smoke Bomb are blinded for a short time.
Level 2 Ninjineering
Smoke Bombs can now be thrown
Mamba's Bite
Adds a life steal effect to Pendles’ Kamas.
Level 3 Backstab
Pendles’ melee attacks deal increased damage from behind.
Life Leach
A portion of the health damage dealt by Injection is returned to Pendles as health
Level 4 Savage Cut
Enemies affected by Injection suffer additional poison damage.
Cloak and Cover
Pendles takes reduced damage while cloaked.
Level 5 Escape Plan
When uncloaked and taking damage, Pendles’ Smoke Bomb cooldown is reduced.
Smoke Bomb propels Pendles backwards.
Level 6 Sweet Spot
Increases Injection’s damage dealt from behind.
Coiled Spring
Increases the height of Pendles’ jump
Level 7 Deeper Pockets
Pendles throws additional Throwing Stars in every throw
Bountiful Bombs
Reduces Smoke Bomb’s cooldown.
Level 8 Acidic Blast
Increases Smoke Bomb’s damage.
Relentless Strikes
Pendles’ melee attacks reduce Injection’s cooldown.
Level 9 Slippery
Pendles becomes more resistant to crowd control for a short time after using Injection.
Enemies affected by Miasma’s aura are wounded.
Level 10 Venom Synergy
While Miasma is active, Injection’s damage is increased against enemies with less than 50% health.