The Algorithm

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The Algorithm
The Algorithm Story Mode.png
Mission Info
Mission The Algorithm
Faction Peacekeepers
Description Help the Peacekeepers with icy moons, crazy robots and universe-bending math!
Boss 1 H3NCHM4N
Boss 2 Geoff
Boss 3 ISIC Magnus

Hop into a Story Mission called The Algorithm, and play solo or in up-to 5-player online co-op. Rogue AI-Magnus, ISIC, is dead set on rebooting the universe. It is up to the Battleborn to take down and debug this war machine. Earn Icon Credits.png Credits and collect Loot Packs for all kinds of awesome procedurally generated Gear and customize your hero’s Loadout.

Mission Tips


H3NCHM4N will spawn near to the beginning and will be pretty easy to deal with, but will create a copy of himself. Use range and hide behind things when he attacks since he'll attack with bolts which can do massive damage if they hit you.


Geoff seems to be a bit easier than the other bosses, since you can just do damage once you've cleared the other enemies. You'll need to stand on the unlocks to spawn the bug spray which will block his upgrades "enhancements" from continuing. He'll drop a rare Loot Pack.

Galactic Emperor

The Galactic Emperor isn't really considered a Boss, but I found him to be pretty much harder to deal with than the other "Bosses". You'll need to deal damage to him quickly since he'll drop down and heal while he summons 3 micro copies of himself, which is a pain if you're not aware that he can heal from basically no health to full if you're taking your time. Destroy the frozen shield and take him out ASAP.

ISIC Magnus

You'll fight against ISIC (Magnus version) who can be quite rough to deal with. Use some Gear that will help you recharge your shields, since one of the slam moves depletes your entire shield. Target one of the single feet and once you've destroyed it ISIC will drop down in the middle for a moment so you'll get some critical attacks if you attack quickly. Once you've brought him down to 1/4 health, he'll pop out of the machine and just be the head, floating around, which is pretty easy to deal with.

The Story

Ghalt: A rogue Magnus AI has seized control of one of their old Bliss settlements, and they've called us to help clear it out.

Kleese: Psh! Nothing we can't handle. Apropos of nothing, did the UPR metion a name?

Ghalt: Yeah, actually. ISIC.

Kleese: Oh! Well then, heh! We're all going to die! Lovely.

Here we go! It's us against the craziest... deadliest... most insaney-ist AI the Last Light Consortium ever produced! Hoohoohoo... this is gonna SUCK, make no mistake. Get going.

ISIC: Attention, minions! My douchebag sensors are going all kinds of bonkers...